Finding my way back in

Checking how this looks.

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On getting old, liking it, and lessons learned in the process

For the most part, I am surviving and sometimes even enjoying working through the process of brand new encounters that sneak up on me, as I grow older. This morning I encountered an exception. I frequently have both hands full of varying things as I move from one place to another. This morning I watered and increased the height of the penned in area of my tomato plants, checked for new clusters of blossoms turning into tomatoes, cheered them on to improved produce, checked them for creepy-crawly-ugly pests. Following a familiar routine, I gathered up my work stuff, closed the door as much as it would shut without the use of one of my hands to give it the final firm thrust. As usual, I positioned my body so I could stick out my hip and give the door the push it needed. That is where the routine ended. The body positioned correctly, the hip stuck out correctly but as the door shut, I felt a sharp, quickly spreading muscle pain, and discovered I looked like Chester from Gunsmoke when I walked. Determined to ‘walk it off’’ I toughed it out for the next few minutes, pressing on to the eventual soreness that will probably hang around for a few hours or days. My foot is asleep, so probably have some more work to do on this.

Now is the time in the growing season of my life when I think I would enjoy quick, fleeting glimpses into the future which would give me a heads up that my confidence, will, bravery and sometimes just not thinking is going to produce unwanted, perhaps even lasting negative results.

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Road Fever–May 18 2012

I guess that if there is a category of people called “Road Junkies” I qualify.  Yesterday after a beautiful start to a beautiful day, and a deep down restlessness I could not shoo away, the call of known roads conquered my more responsible side and a little before 7am I found myself headed east to enjoy the day.

Spring growth air-brushes a lot of the poverty and a lot of trashy ugliness to a point where with few exceptions I can find some beauty in all I see. 

Targil’s has been a favorite destination of mine ever since I moved to Louisiana.  Easy to get to in either direction on 190 as you drive through Opelousas, Targil’s  wholesale and retail store has almost any item needed to prepare and deal with meat from the kill through the serving cycle.  In more recent years, the line of Wilton baking needs garners a growing share of variety and shelf space.  To say I love just looking around is an understatement, yesterday was more of a mission stop to buy some six-inch serrated paring knives.  I ended up buying six as with six you get a 40% discount making each knife cost a little over $5.  For someone aspiring to get the job done outside of feeling like a knife welding chef, these multi-purpose cover a variety of tasks.

My next stop was Rouses’ across the road from the Cajun Dome and west of Lafayette.  They carry a full line of Boar’s Head processed meats and I came away with chunks of Spanish style Chorizo, perfect Pancetta, and for some strange reason some Lebanon bologna.  A chunk of Colby Jack cheese, a couple of pounds of local grown okra and I was on my way to the next food stop.  This store also carries a special glass case used for aging meats.  My budget does not allow for that, but it makes me happy to know there are some who can buy it and hopefully enjoy it.  I gave half the Okra away.  What is left will be sliced up and cooked today.  The combination of chunky canned tomatoes, a few sliced onions, and seasonings simmered together until the okra is tender provide some might good eating and my okra never turns out slimy.

Don’s Specialty Meats in Scott truly announces to your eyes and nose that this is Cajun country.  Well seasoned  fresh meats and poultry in their plastic wrapped trays share a kiosk next to a display case of unwrapped meats serviced by real people working behind the counter cutting meat and serving your needs.  The next area provides eat in or to go hot and cold foods.   I bought a thick-well-marbled rib eye steak.  If it proves to be the one exception I have found thus far since moving to Louisiana of NOT having any water added, I will be their customer forever.  I left this store with a locally baked snack sized Ginger Cake in hand, a paper bag of bulk pork crackling’s, (pork crackling’s will be ground up and added to skillet corn bread.   Lunch was eaten in the car and consisted of the link of spicy hot and temperature hot Boudin wrapped up in a piece of butcher paper and a plastic fork to cut into the thin natural casing to get the highly seasoned pork-rice dressing inside.  Some dry ice to keep all the good things nice and cold, and a very enjoyable trip home found me pulling into my driveway around noon.

It did not pour rain on my like it usually does on many of these trips, the threat or reality of bad weather does not set boundaries that coop up my road fever attacks.  Most of the Crawfish ponds were full of water, rice fields held tall-green rice.  Some farm work was going on, and traffic behaved very well. 

All in all it was a day full of fun.  I do have one tiny regret, I chose not to buy that gallon jar of hog lard that Don’s sells.

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Playing The Race/Bigot Card–A Guide To Identifying the Players

Widely accepted definitions of


a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation.


a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.


a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.

a fervent and even militant proponent of something.


Pay particular attention to:

Where these negative nouns are used in a discussion. Are the words used in response as part of a valid discussion when the person using it has no valid answer or uses this as a way to avoid the conversation.

Some examples:

Food Stamp excesses:  When trying to discuss this subject I often hear this response.  “More white people are on food stamps then black people”.  Listen carefully to what has taken place thus far in the conversation.  Up to this point has race been mentioned in the conversation?  If not, then what is the person trying to say, that the issue is not worth discussing because the majority of people are white, that it is only a problem or important if the majority of people on food stamps are black?  Is that very statement racist, prejudiced, bigoted?

Poverty/Education/Crime/.  Bringing race into this issue

When these subjects are under discussion and race is brought into the issue such as “a statement often heard “we need to (promote, provide, fund, etc.” answers to (eliminate, alleviate) black (poverty,poor education,crime rates)” Is the person or group making this statement saying that only black people deserve attention in these issues?  Why just blacks?

One final question.  If a person does not support my opinion on an issue because they are intolerant of any opinions other then their own and they are a fervent and even militant proponent of something, and I happen to have an opposing opinion such as

I am the word marriage should legally applied to two consenting adults regardless of gender.

I believe word marriage should be legally applied to between a male and a female.


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Other Evolving Issues In My Lifetime

Creation vs. Evolution – Not satisfied with a court decision supporting Evolution, forces continue to work and win battle after battle to wipe any public acknowledgement of creation from every public aspect of our lives.

Equal rights for females – A clear line is not drawn in the sand on this subject.  Concerning this issues separate but equal seems to be more widely accepted then one would think.  Battles still brew as females gain a toehold in desired rights they seek for themselves.  An example:  Two people work side by side doing the same job, under the same conditions exposed to in the work place.  Salaries are paid according to printed job requirements, published reward systems and expectations as to requirements for advancement.  The separate but equal part starts to upstage all these other things as women demand considerations outside the standard norm for the position.  These demands frequently reduce the time spent on the job dedicated to performing requirements while still demanding equal pay and equal access to promotions.  In order to maintain this separate but equal status females also strive to change the job requirements to suit their needs by making changes that include both males and females regardless of the demands/desires/needs of the male.  In a male/male situation, or female/female situation sticking to the published requirements seems to elicit less of a battle to change carefully thought out requirements that tie performance to rewards.  Please Note:  My work history from 1953 through 1996 probably makes me as qualified to address this subject as any of the many other opinions seen, heard, read on this issue.

Recognition of same sex relationships”  The word “Marriage” being left out of this battle, in my opinion, and using “Civil Union” would have let this evolve into a quiet recognition of any civil rights for people committed to same sex relationships.  This issue also seems to provide a platform for verbal payback by advocates of same sex marriage to assign negative names to people who do not support their same sex choices.

The Ten Commandments – Now the Six Commandments in some circles:  My absolute belief, love for, and fear of God makes this a subject I believe I must let God address and handle as HE sees fit.  Note:  I have never claimed to be successful at obeying all of them, I would however give my life in defense of the absoluteness of all Ten of them. 

I still feel driven to give my opinion on the ‘work for it’ vs. ‘I want it for free, and you pay for it’ battle.  I frequently express my opinion and disdain for the current administration and firmly believe it will prove to be one of the most destructive, embarrassing, amoral and immoral administrations of our nations history.

I hope, but I have my doubts, that in the next 25 years or so I hope to live that I will not see the ‘evolution’ and government recognition of males or females  in child relationships, males or females in animal relationships.  I probably won’t have to worry about those two for a while, the next battles already formed and waiting for the spotlight by ego/need driven supporters will be the legalization of legalizing drugs, the legalization of legalizing prostitution, an the ongoing implementation of a Socialist government.

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The hopefully temporary loss and recovery after a computer crash

Working my way through starting access to and recreating the portions of my life committed to writing.  This blog is stored off-site so am doing some set up work to make access to it easier.  Was going to take the crashed and burned computer to the only game in town that fixes computers. 

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Back to blogging and Tweeting

Spent some time the last few days getting back to Tweet and relearning how to use it. This morning I went back into this blog and was surprised how long it had been since I blogged on a regular basis. Perhaps this would be a better venue to air my thoughts. Tried to find what I wrote avout the last Presidental election. Nothing I do is profound, but I did want to revisit what I said. If you read this, wish me luck, I’ll repost.

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